Hose burst valves cartridge

Valves used to prevent the uncontrolled descent of an actuator in the case of a hose burst. When the flow exceeds the valve setting (reaction flow), the valve will block the flow. these valves are not load holding or unidirectional restrictors.
A flow control valve is recommended downstream of the valve.


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Screw the valve into the correct port connecting V to the supply flow and C to the actuator.
steel, burnished
On request
Preset hose bursts available (the reaction flow should be set to 1.5 times the flow rate of the system). Please specify flow (lt/min) or distance S (mm) from the flat to the valve. , • Hole on the flat (CODE/F, please specify hole on the sealing face) for a slow load descent with closed valve. , • Valve complete with male-female or female-female body for in line mounting by the actuator. ,
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